Blog by Dani_Doodle - Hattrick 3D Project

Blog by Dani_Doodle - Hattrick 3D Project

Hello crafter's! How is everyone?

Well, I'm back with yet another 3d project for you. I'm going for the hattrick! Ha! This one was slightly more complex than my last 2 so I've taken extra pictures for you to hopefully make following it easier.

So let's go!

Establish your colour scheme and take 2 pieces of a4 construction card in the same base colour.

With your first piece, trim it down to 8 1/2in x 11in.

Turn your card landscape, place 1/4in in from your left side (the start of your measuring tool) and score at 5in and 6 1/2in.

Flip your card 90° anti clockwise so it is now portrait. Score at 6in and 7 1/2in.

Turn your card back to the position in which it started and cut away the bottom left corner (across the top score line to the 2nd junction)

With your 2nd piece of card, cut it down to 8 1/2in x 3in.

With the card landscape, place at 1/8in from the beginning of your measuring tool and score at 1/2in and 2in. Spin 180° and score again at 1/2in and 2in so both ends are exactly the same.

Flip it so that it is now landscape and score 1/2in from the left.

Cut away along the long score line and down the 2 smaller ones. Then, cut away the 2 corner squares.

Place double sided tape on all 4 flaps

Bring back in your first piece of card, the largest, and attach double side tape on the flap as shown:

Flip this piece of card over and bring in the smaller piece of card. Both should be landscape. Remove the tape from one of the outside flaps and attach to the larger piece above the horizontal score line.

Burnish all your score lines and you you should start to see the notebook wallet take shape!

Position the holder part into shape, remove backing from the double side tape piece by piece and attach into place.

The construction of the notebook holder is now complete. Now decorate your holder by selecting a decorative paper, measuring all main panels and adhering with wet adhesive. I used the Perfect Allusion 6in paper pad I left the back and base plain but it's up to you wether to decorate these parts.

Now to make your notebooks. Take 5 sheets of plain copier paper and cut down to approximately half the length. This gives each notebook 20 leaves. Repeat this 3 times which gives 6 books. Do the same for colours coordinating with the holder - 3 cut in half so 6 covers on total. Then simply fold each bundle of 10 leaves along with it's cover and staple down the spine. Burnish the fold as best you can.

Pop the completed notebooks in your notebook holder and admire their cosy fit! Finally, you'll need to secure your notebooks. Punch a hole in both the front and back cover approximately halfway down each. Seal each hole with eyelets. Then simply weave your choice of ribbon through each hole and secure with a bow.

This is your notebook holder complete. You could go the extra mile and decorate the front of the holder and spine some more.

I hope you liked this tutorial and followed it easy enough.

Until next time, take care.

Love, Dani xx


----------------Shopping List ------------------

* Perfect Allusion 6in paper pad 

* 2 A4 sheets of colour coordinating card for the notebook holder

* Wet adhesive

* Double sided tape

* Hole punch and 2 x eyelets

* Your choice of ribbon

* 30 sheets of Copier paper

* 3 sheets of colour coordinating card for the notebooks

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