Blog by Dani_Doodles - 3D Pen Holder

Blog by Dani_Doodles - 3D Pen Holder

Hello crafter's! How are you all?

I have another 3d project for you - I'm on a roll! Ha! Again, this is super easy so I'll talk you through it...



Choose a piece of decorative card/paper of your choosing and then select a piece of construction card in a coordinating colour. It needs to be approx 12in at its widest point.

Now, trim this down to 12in x 5.75in

Score at 2in, 2.5in, 6in, 9.5in, 10.5in and 11.5in.



Rotate your card left 90° (so that what was once on the left is now on the bottom). Trim away the 2 sections as shown. Save at least 1!



Cut tabs onto the 2 sections shown:



On the 2 outside flaps, apply double sided tape. Flip the card over. Fold at both horizontal score lines. Ensure flaps are tucked in, remove the backing from the tape and bring up the long piece of card and secure.



Fold the card into a consertina, as shown:



To the final fold, attach to the back of the main compartment of the Post It note holder using double side tape.



From a piece of the sides you cut away earlier, cut a piece down to 1.5in x 1in. Score through the middle of the length. Also score at 1/2in and 1in. 



Fold along the score line to make a square 'c' shape. To the outside flaps, attach double sided tape. Then, at one of the ends within the main compartment, adhere. This is the pen holder! 



Finally, decorate! For this, I used the Dovecraft Finding Paradise. 

I measured the front, the back and the 2 small sides, cut to size and adhered using wet adhesive.



This is it! This would be great on your desk but would also be a lovely little gift.

Until next time, take care.

Love, Dani xx


------------------Shopping List ----------------


* Finding Paradise Dovecraft 12in paper pad 

* Colour card 12in

* Wet adhesive

* Double sided tape

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