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Simply Creative Christmas Basics Foliage Ribbon

Simply Creative Christmas Basics Foliage Ribbon

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This beautiful basic Foliage ribbon exhibits a natural simplicity and freshness vogue of green vines, featuring a rustic garden flavour. It is made of environmentally-friendly materials, meaning it is free of smell and best suited to your decorations. It is a very soft but durable product and can be easily cut, tied, binded or glued making it perfect for various purposes like gift wrapping, photo hanging, handmade vase bouquets or banners, floral headdress and Christmas tree decorations. If you are looking for something that will give your parties a natural rustic feeling the basic foliage ribbon is the ideal choice. This pack comes complete with 5cm x 2m lengths, the perfect amount of ribbon for all your decorating needs. You can decorate or hand-work more freely with these beautiful foliage ribbons and it is convenient to put them in storage for later use.

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